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We are teaching history written by you including your legacy while alive. But, SHAME on الخونة

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Al' Masannat - المسنات 

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Angelo Munir Al Masannat


Al' Masannat Modern Family Tree

Thanks to Angelo and Tamer Munir Al' Masannat for the great effort sending family tree in Arabic!


Al' Jamoua- الجاموع

Al' Uzaizat Tribe start from 2 brothers Mousa Al' Jamoua and Salameh Al' Ghishan.  I have no clue if any person there still Jamoua or if they are




Christians or Muslims!  Previous book authors didn't mention anything if Al' Jamoua name still in use today, while Al' Ghishan family name remain in use today and they are Christian families





Al' Masannat Great Grandfather is

Sulieman Bin Shehadeh.....Al' Khozouz!!!!!


Al' Jahshan, Al' Masannat, Al' Qssar, Al' Khozouz are not related to Mousa Al' Jamoua or Salameh Al' Ghishan Al' Uzaizat original 2-brothers, Al' Masanant are related to grandfather Shehadeh Al' Khozouz or one of his children as mentioned in the old history books, but when you read the old history book you will find put that Al' Qussar, Al' Masannat, Al' Khozouz and Al' Jahsahn are related (Uncles and Cousins) see page # 193 illustrated below showing Al' Qussar family tree chart it's not confusing if you make the right connections between father, brother and Cousins and compare it with page #194 it make all sense and maybe Dr. Shuwayhat made mistake in the connections and assumed that Al' Masanant only related to Al' Khouzouz!  Also, you will notice these family tree charts are incomplete or incorrect, and the female family members were not recognized, while Angelo and his brother Tamer Bin Munir Masannat were able to draw a hand written family trees and charts.  To see your name on these charts scroll down to Al' Masannat Modern Family Tree.  Here's copy of the original and the only record for Al' Masannat family tree page #193 #194 #197 from Dr. Shuwayhat book written in Arabic.  What's confusing us is Dr. Shuwayhat in his old history book said that Al' Qussar and Al' Twal are brothers one was tall man (TWAL) while the other brother was short man (QUSSAR), so if they are related why they are not all are branch or Al' Twal family; I leave it up to each member to find out. We translated Al' Masannat page only the old family tree chart:

If you're confused like me

There is 4-6 pages related to Al' Jahshan family tree

You may use these pages to make the connections between all families-visit A' Jahshan webpage


Shehadeh Al' Masannat









A.  Mousa Shehadeh Al' Masannat

           A.1.  Sulieman .... Children Shehadeh

                     A.1.a.  Shehadeh  .... Children Salem Al-Qassier Salem Al-Qassier is Al-Qssar grandfather-click here OR Go to Al-Qssar family tree for details.



C.  Yousef Shehadeh Al' Masannat

          C.1.  Issa is the grandfather of Al' Khouzoz  click here to go to the family tree

         C.2.  Sarofeam is the grandfather of Al' Jahshan click here to go to the family tree


B.  Sulieman Shehadeh Al' Masannat (Al' Masannat Family Tree start here from Sulieman).

           B.1.  Mekaeil ...children    a. Khalaf    b. Issa

                     B.1.a.  Khalaf...children (Oudeh)

                                  B.1.a.1. Oudeh bin Khalaf

                                                 B.1.a.1.a. Khalaf bin Oudeh...children (Khalil-Elias)

                                                                   1. Khalil's bin Khalaf Oudeh wife...children (Mekaeil-Hanna)

                                                                             1.a.  Mekaeil's wife....children (Jamil-Khalid)

                                                                                      1.a.1.  Jamil's wife....children (Osama-Haiel/Ayed.

I am Zaid Jamil Michael Khalil Khalaf Masannat
I have now 3 sons: (from older to younger) Fadi; Ramzi and Sanad
My brother Ousama Jamil Michael Khalil Khalaf Masannat has one son: Alex

                                                                                      1.a.2.  Khalid's wife...children

                                                                             1.b.  Hanna's wife...children (Shukri-Afeef-Fawzi-Nayef)

                                                                                      1.b.1.  Shukri's wife...children(Issa-Ayoub)

                                                                                      1.b.2.  Afeef's wife...children (Emad) and Emad's wife....children (Sami)

                                                                                      1.b.3.  Fawzi's wife...children (Ala'a-Medhat)

                                                                                      1.b.4  Nayef's wife....children (Firas-Fady)


                                                                  2.  Elias's Bin Khalaf Oudehwife...children (Farid)

                                                                             2.a. Farid's wife...children..


                                            B.1.a.1.b. Salem bin Oudeh


                     B.1.b.  Issa.....children (Sulieman)

                                  B.1.b.1.Sulieman Issa Shehadeh Al'Masannat...children ( * Jeries-Metri-Girls?)

* Jeries ...children (Sulieman-Issa-Salameh)

            1.a.  Sulieman's wife...children (Jeries-Nabeel-Hani-Mekaeil)

                      1.a.1.  Jeries's wife....children (Edward-Richard)

                                  1.a.1.a.  Edward's wife...children...

                                  1.a.1.b.  Richard's wife...children...

                      1.a.2.  Nabeel's wife....children...

                      1.a.3.  Hani's wife...children...

                      1.a.4.  Mehaeil's wife...children...

           1.b.  Issa's wife...children (Hayder-Hussam-Ghassan-Essam)

                    1.b.1.  Hyder's wife...children...

                    1.b.2.  Hussam's wife...children...

                    1.b.3.  Ghassan's wife...children...

                    1.b.4.  Essam's wife...children....

           1.c.  Salameh's wife....children..


* Metri's wife....children (Michael-Yousef)

          1.a.  Michael's wife....children...

          1.b.  Yousef's wife....children... 





Masannat Members

Biography and others...

Nabila Michael Issa Masannat/Kearney

8/5/2009 Thanks for the quick response and adding my name to the special family Friends page list  :-)
I am married to a wonderful man named Thomas originally from Iowa,  I work with special needs at the High School and Transition (Post High School) Level.and I am blessed with three beautiful children
1.  Suzanne married and has one son ( ) Tennessee.
2.  Tina married to ( Dr.     ) Illinois "Family Medicine in women's health and OB".
3.  Michael who graduated Engineering and did some missionary work on Universities for 4 years and decided to enter the Minor Serminary in St. John Vianney, St. Paul, Minneapolis which he graduated in Philosophy Degree this past Memorial weekend and is moving on the Major's
- My mother and older sister Nadera Masannat (Nabeel) in Las Vegas
- Nader is my baby and younger brother has past on in life back in October 7, 1976 along with my father Michael Issa may he RIP in April 29, 1994.  Go to Al' Uzaizat Memorial Wall I need more details please!
My sisters are:
- Najwa in California and

Laila Abdulla Sawalha/Masannat


Thanks so much my son Angelo he always ask me about the family he is eager to know any thing about the family. I came from sSawalha family and my father abdulla sawalha.  My grandfather and my grandmother from the mother side Salameh Twal he was Sheik "she5" in Madaba and all the Muslim beduin's they come to him if they had any problems with the Christians and he used to solve it.. and your father "Shukri" he was friend of my father in-law "Tawfiq Masannat".  Another thing my cuz 3wne Sawalha he had an old pictures and it may help you, but he does not have email, you can communicate with his daughter Eleen at





8:24am Feb 29th
Hello Tony How are you doing? i hope that you are doing well.
i was looking earlier at the Azizat group online and i came across the family celebrities link. My uncle Geroge Masannat 75years old, had been a professor in kentucky for many years and had written several books that are taught nowadays at some universities which is kind of intersting for someone from the Masannat and from Madaba and ofcourse al Azizat to ever be in that level. He is political science major. i was thinking of taking pictures of his books( he is the author of seven interesting books) and scan them and send them to you. but currently i do not have they are in Michigan and iam currently attending school in NY but soon i will be going home to Mi. i thought it would be a good idea to include his name since he had been living in the US for over than 58 years (since 1950).
Thank you for taking the time to read my inquiry,
have a great day Tony
Osama Masannat
Today at 12:55am
all right sounds good. Here's my part
Yazan Hani Suliman Jiryes suliman Issa Mikhael Shhadeh Al-Masannat
**Note: I am the only son.
Good luck man.
Today at 5:12am
hi Ziad, my name is Fares Masannat, 28, I am brother of Sami ,26, and Yara, 33, and Mais, 30.
My father is Yousef ,63, and his older brother is Michel ,76.
Michel has 2 sons, Nader and Zaid, and 2 daughters, Nadia and Zeina.
Tamara Masannat Hello I'm Tamara Fayez Masannat, thnx for ur effort, my two brothers were born after 1960; Firas and Fadi Masannat. Firas has two male kids Fayez and Karam
From: Zaid Masannat  Phone: +962-  E-mail:
I am Zaid Jamil Michael Khalil Khalaf Masannat.  I have now 3 sons: (from older to younger) Fadi; Ramzi and Sanad.  My brother Ousama Jamil Michael Khalil Khalaf Masannat has one son: Alex.  So please update tree if you can. Regards, Zaid Masannat

Al' Uzaizat Tribe

629 A.D. to present

Al' Uzaizat Tribe old family history was introduced in 160 pages or 6 chapters and are written in Arabic.  Al' Uzaizat tribe families are Christians and origianlly start from two brothers (1) "Mousa Al' Jamoua-الجاموع"  and  (2) "Salameh Al' Ghishan-الغيشان", and as many as 11 of their children/grandchildren adopted different family name while Al' Ghishan  الغيشان  name remain in use as of today.  Also, as many as 90 families joined Al' Uzaizat Tribe between 629 A.D. and present.  We have records of 30 families.  It has been said: المحادين Al' Mahadeen is one of Al' Uzaizat Tribe original families and one of the brothers converted to Islam back in the 600 A.D. while the other brother remain Christian living today in Karak City.  In the recent family history or in the 1950s the great grandson of  Salameh Al' Zawaideh "Rocks Bin Zaid Al' Zawaideh" changed the family name to Al' Uzaizi and  العزيزي is differ from العزيزات   Al' Uzaizat as a tribe name.  Also, in our recent family history the "Amiral" اميرال family originally المرار Marar. Below you will find a (*) next to the 11-families name where the children or grandchildren changed their family name from الجاموع Al' Jamoua or from الغيشان  Al' Ghishan.  And below is Al' Uzaizat Tribe original and related families that we have documented records of them are listed in the order of which family have joined the original Tribe or as it appeared in the old history books and they are as follow: 

عشيرة ألعزيزات شجرة ألنسب


الغيشان-(الجاموع)-الزوايده-العلمات-الصوالحه-المرار-اليعقوب-الفرح-القنصل الضباعين-الشويحات-الطنوس-الطوال-القصار-المصاروه-الريان-المصري- الزعمط-المسنات-الخزوز-القبسي-المشيني-الشعبان -الشليف-الجهشان-الحوراني-المزاهره-العلم-العزيزي-(المحادين) -ابوجريس-الريان - (اميرال


Mousa Al' Jamoua - الجاموع



A.  Shehadeh    B.  Barrhum   C. Sulieman


Shehadeh Mousa Al' Jamoua

is Al' Zawaideh* Grandfather

1.  Salameh Al' Zawaideh

     * In the 1950s his Great-Great Grandson ROCKS changed

      Al' Zawaideh name to Al' Uzaizi  العزيزي is differ from العزيزات   Al' Uzaizat

2.  Zayed Al' Zawaideh

3.  Sulieman Al' Zawaideh

     3.a.  Zayed

     3.b.  Khalil

     3.c.  Saleem


Barrhum Mousa Al' Jamoua

is Al' Shuwayhat* Grandfather

 1.  Mekhael Al' Shuwayhat

      1.a.  Ibrahim

              1.a. 1.  Issa

                          1.a.1.1.  Yousef

                          1.a.1.2.  Mousa

                          1.a.1.3.  Sulieman

                          1.a.1.4.  Salem     

              1.a.2.   Nsrah's husband

                          Shehadeh Al' Masarweh*

                           1.a.2.1.  Salem

                           1.a.2.2.  Sulieman


Sulieman Mousa Al' Jamoua


Children became

Al' Yacoub and Al' Sawalha Grandfather


Grandchildren became

Al' Marar-Al' Qunsol-Al' Dabaen

Al' Farah and Sawalha Al' Hakakeen

1.  Naser Al' Yacoub*

2.  Saleh Al' Sawalha*

     2.a.  Salman Al' Marar*

     2.b.  Yousef Al' Qunsol*

     2.c.  Jeries Al' Dabaen*

     2.d.  Nsrah married to Farah* Al' Kuraity

              2.d.1.  Hanna

              2.d.2.  Jeries

              2.d.3.  Metri

     2.e.  Issa Al' Sawalha Al' Hakakeen*

     2.f.   Khalil Al' Sawalha


Salameh Al' Ghishan - الغيشان



A.  Ibrahim   B.  Salem

(2.A.) Ibrahim Al' Ghishan

1.  Khalil Al' Alamat*

      1.a.  Khalaf

               1.a.1.  Yacoub

                1.a.2.  Salman 

2.  Hanna

3.  Yousef

4.  Dakhlalah

     4.a.  Yacoub

               4.a.1.  Sulieman

                4.a.2.  Khalil

(2.B.) Salem Al' Ghishan

1.  Jubran

     1.a.  Oudeh

             1.a.1.  Salem

      1.b.  Saleh

               1.b.1.  Yousef       



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